Church Blog (Page 8)

Church Blog (Page 8)

March 10

Is there a “wilderness” area in your life? During your Lenten journey focus on Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness and draw closer to God as He helps you through temptation.

Ash Wednesday

Lent is a time of journeying – with Jesus towards Jerusalem but also deep within ourselves – to test and strengthen our faith. The journey may bring experiences that stretch and challenge, or times that frustrate and make us stumble. There are always choices to be made. Join us tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, as Lent begins. Drive thru Ashes from 6:30-8:30am Lenten worship and…

Blessed Week 4

Matthew 5:38–48 Jesus shares his ideas about perfect love in this focus scripture – love at all times, in all circumstances. Love when we don’t feel like it, love when we face an enemy, love when we are being persecuted and oppressed, love when we’re tired of being asked. Jesus knows this kind of love because he lived this kind of love. And we are called to do the same.…

Blessed Week 3

  Matthew 5:21–37 God wants us to be reconciled to one another and to have integrity in our relationships. In this week’s focus scripture, Jesus shows us how we can live closer to God’s ways and truly love one another. He gives us the examples of coming to terms with our anger with another, being principled in our relationships, and being true to our oaths and…