God moves in mysterious ways

God moves in mysterious ways

Lyn and I were invited to lunch last Friday, and at the last minute it was cancelled.  No big deal, we moved it to today.  (If you haven’t eaten at Charleston House of Pizza yet, please do.  It is delicious and a great family run business!)  We decided to walk.  Its not too far and it is beautiful out.  After lunch we were offered a ride back to the church.  We declined.  It turned out that a walk back was just what we needed!

As we walked back a gentleman was waiting for the bus and BEFORE we turned into the church driveway, he called out to us and asked us if we were with the Methodist church.  (Insert joke here about us looking like church ladies.)  We replied yes and introduced ourselves.  He told us his name was Orlando and that he was a Methodist.  He was a member of a church in Savannah.

Long story made short, he had gotten off the bus because in the 2 months since he had been in Charleston he hadn’t seen a Methodist church and wanted to check it out.  He got off the bus, looked at the sign to see when worship and Sunday school were, and then waited to get back on another bus to go home.  And then we walked by.

I have been the pastor at Cokesbury for over two years and I have NEVER walked to lunch.  Orlando was so excited to see us and talk to us and share his story.  He has an amazing testimony.  And we were able to share that with us, because we walked by at the exact right time.  He acknowledged immediately how God works in mysterious ways.  And I couldn’t agree more.

Many things had to happen, many decisions were made that brought Lyn and I to the bus stop today.  Never once did I think that God had anything to do with those small and seemingly insignificant circumstances/decisions.  But I do now!  Today someone witnessed to me about the glory and magnificence of God.  Thank you God and thank  you Orlando for opening my eyes today to God’s marvelous love.



P.S. Orlando would love to come to church on Sundays, but he could use a ride.